One of the world’s most active conferences

About the MOVE Congress

The International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) invites you to experience one of the world’s most dynamic conferences dedicated to sport and physical activity, the MOVE Congress, in Budapest, Hungary from 16-18 October 2019.
The MOVE Congress is one of the few conferences in the world which focuses solely on recreational sport and physical activity. The event gathers organisations and individuals who deliver initiatives at the grassroots level along with decision-makers, companies, urban planners, health experts, academics and other key stakeholders for three days of active networking.
Its innovative sessions have a unique focus on being physically active – so you can expect the unexpected, such as watching a speaker riding an exercise bike during their presentation, sitting on a fitness ball or showing you the active spaces in their city.
Taking this dynamic approach and getting conference participants out of their seats to move around ensures a great level of interaction and is a fun way to break the ice. And it might just help you establish your next successful partnership…

For a taste of what to expect, watch our highlights of the MOVE Congress 2017 for the Human Right to MOVE below.


Walking the walk…

Don’t miss the MOVE Congress 2019 to get into the conversation with key stakeholders in physical activity who can help boost your initiative and extend its reach.
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Why you shouldn’t miss the MOVE Congress

Networking Opportunities

The #MOVECONGRESS has a history of providing a unique space for the participants and stakeholders to network and exchange business cards.

Sector Inspiration

By gathering keynote speakers and moderators, the #MOVECONGRESS showcases good practices, trends and discussions relating to the sport for all sector.

Walk the Talk

As a participant you should certainly expect to get moving. After all, we have to practice what we preach!

Different Flavours

With a different location every year, the #MOVECONGRESS is shaped according to the host organisation’s interests and capacities.

MOVE Congress provides you with an active experience