Meet us in Birmingham

Meet us in Birmingham and join Moving People from across the world



Mogens Kirkeby

President of the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA)


If you have a goal to get more people physically active, the MOVE Congress in Birmingham is the right place to be this October. Together with our partners Birmingham City Council, Sport England, StreetGames, Youth Sport Trust and the Wild Network, it is our goal to host a dynamic and innovative gathering of people and an open platform for ideas and solutions.

Several countries are experiencing a stagnation or even a decrease in the level of physical activity among their citizens. The growing trend of urbanisation is putting pressure on the space available for people living in cities to enjoy an active lifestyle. Even though we know that physical activity is a ‘wonder drug’ we are still faced with an inactivity pandemic that is being likened to a ticking time bomb.

We are determined to find solutions to this challenge – and find easier ways for busy people to embrace their surroundings and use them for physical activity. And we are all looking for the people who have ideas and solutions that we can use locally to get more people moving. So if you bring one good idea to Birmingham, we will make sure you take home several solutions.

Get inspired and inspire others at the MOVE Congress.



Ian Ward

Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council


Birmingham is pleased to be able to welcome the MOVE Congress 2017 to Birmingham this October. Birmingham is a city of 1.1 million residents, with an abundance of parks and open spaces, as well as a thriving cultural and retail experience for visitors and citizens. Here in Birmingham we have been working hard to bring activity and movement into all our communities. We are delighted to be able to share our experiences, welcome you to our great city, and collaborate with you on this wonderful event. ‘The Human Right to Move’ is such an important issue, linking to the inactivity time bomb that we are all facing, as well as locating the solution for MOVEment within us all as individuals and societies. We can’t wait to greet you all and join with you in sharing and learning on these great issues.



Karen Creavin

Head of Birmingham Wellbeing Services at Birmingham City Council


We are very excited to work with colleagues from ISCA to host this inspiring congress. Here in Birmingham we are working hard to combat the impact of inequalities and work with some of our most deprived communities to get people active and connected. To be able to host a congress on such an inspiring issue ‘The Human Right to Move’ and to be able to showcase some of the work we are doing here in the city, these are both great opportunities and we know the city will rise to the occasion.



Jennie Price

Chief Executive of Sport England


Sport England is excited to be working with ISCA on the Move Congress 2017. It’s a great opportunity to share our thinking and experiences as we go about implementing our new strategy. We know the challenge of the task ahead in tackling some of the stubborn inequalities we face in growing participation in sport and physical activity in the UK and the importance of having a sector that fully embraces the change required to get there. We need to be ever more creative, sharing learning, identifying success and building upon it. It’s great that the MOVE Congress will bring together speakers and delegates from both the UK and internationally to explore the challenges we collectively face, the approaches we are taking to respond and the learning that is emerging from it.



Jane Ashworth

CEO of StreetGames


StreetGames is committed to equality of access to sport and physical activity, working on the ground in areas of high deprivation, we engage with thousands of hard-to-reach young people offering them the chance to play. The MOVE Congress 2017 will bring together international partners to discuss the ‘Human Right to MOVE’. This theme is central to our work and we are delighted to be an advocate and partner ISCA to deliver the event.



Alison Oliver

Chief Executive of Youth Sport Trust


Children today are moving less than before. This is a global problem and there are worrying consequences for the health and wellbeing of the next generation. The Youth Sport Trust is on a mission to make sure that children’s first experiences of physical activity, physical education and sport are the best that they can be. That’s why we are excited to be a partner of the 2017 MOVE Congress. We are looking forward to meeting likeminded advocates from all over the world. Together we can share knowledge and expertise, develop new ideas and pool our efforts to overcome sedentary behaviour and inspire a universal love of moving.



Mark Sears

Chief Wild Officer, The Wild Network


There are many complex and systemic challenges that make it harder than ever to support young people in our communities to be active, outdoors in a natural environment. If we have any hope of overcoming these issues we’re going to need new and better ways to share inspiration and collaborate. Most of all we need to use all of the creative tools at our disposal to co-create positive solutions working directly with citizens. MOVE Congress 2017 gives us an exciting opportunity to do all of these things in Birmingham, a dynamic and pioneering city. We look forward to helping it be that little bit wilder!