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Restarting with travelling again?

Here are some tips on getting to the Tour & Taxis venue in Brussels. Join us at Tour & Taxis, Brussels’ most inspiring conference and event centre where participants meet to share ideas and to create stories.

The Tour & Taxis conference venue is an innovative and dynamic hub featuring repurposed shipping and customs warehouses built at the end of the 19th century. This reimagined industrial heritage site offers 25 event spaces – each with its own atmosphere. The MOVE Congress 2021 will take place in the Maison de la Poste building.

The spacious, airy Tour & Taxis venue also helps combat conference fatigue with natural light and are environmentally conscious with a green-key certified location and a team that is committed to sustainable development. It is placed in a central location in the heart of Brussels at walking access from the city centre. It is easy to access by car, from the airport and via public transport (bus, metro, train), with a free shuttle service to the Brussels North Station.

Website: https://tour-taxis.com/meet-and-organise/

Click here to see the Tour & Taxis transport map

MOVE Congress 2021 main building
MAISON DE LA POSTE: “Gather for business or pleasure in one of our ‘living rooms’.”

The MOVE Congress 2021 will be held in the Maison de la Poste building, which began as ‘Hôtel de l’Administration’, serving as Tour & Taxis’ administrative centre for telephone and telegraph services in the early 20th century. In the 1970s the building was used as a post office, earning the name ‘Hôtel de la Poste’ in the process. In the 1990s Hôtel de la Poste de la Poste even housed a popular nightclub! Since the 2000s it has become one of Brussels’ preferred venues for private and public events.

The building is evolving once more, as Maison de la Poste, a home away from home and one of Brussels’ most unique meetings and events spaces. Each space has been designed in collaboration with renowned interior designers including Diego Fortuna, Fleur Rossdale, and Benedetti Interieur.

See the conference venue here https://tour-taxis.com/meet-and-organise/all-our-venues/maison-de-la-poste/

“Maison de la Poste was designed to have a positive long-term impact ecologically, economically, and culturally. It is also designed as an optimal events venue that will be enjoyed by many generations to come.” Jean Vandamme, Venues Manager

Click here for a Virtual Tour

How to get to Tour & Taxis
Brussels can be reached from many European countries within three hours or less by rail (Thalys and Eurostar), or by plane (Brussels Airport).

Direct flights connect Brussels to almost 250 destinations around the world. The airport is just 10 km from Tour & Taxis, which is also accessible by train (up to 6 trains an hour).

Brussels has an excellent public transport network. You’ll find the following options just minutes away from Maison de la Poste:
Bus: Picard (STIB-MIVB) or Sainctelette (De Lijn)
Tram: North Station or Sainctelette
Metro: Yser/Ijzer or Ribaucourt
Train: North Station

Tour & Taxis offer a non-stop shuttle service from North Station.

Tour & Taxis is only minutes from the Brussels ring road, with connections to the main motorways and Brussels Airport. It offers numerous on-site parking facilities (including for people with reduced mobility).

Alternative transportation such as bikes, scooters, e-bikes, velomobiles and other small battery-powered, low-speed means of transport are encouraged.

Information on Covid-19 measures (more updates leading up to the event):

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