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<Urban researcher and network manager, STIPO/Placemaking Europe, Netherlands/>

Anna Bradley


About The Speaker

Anna Bradley

Anna Louise Bradley is both an urban psychologist and geographer in training, as well as a fitness professional, based in Amsterdam. With STIPO and Placemaking Europe, Anna works on international cross-pollinating projects using an integral placemaking approach to coalesce the perspectives of health, well-being, public space, inclusivity, and participatory processes for impactful outcomes to make our cities more thriving and liveable. Specifically, at STIPO, she works on the knowledge platform, 'The City at Eye Level', organising and giving international trainings to practitioners across disciplines to sharpen their skills to create great public spaces at human scale. At Placemaking Europe, Anna has a wide breadth of experience shaping and developing European funded projects ('PlaceCity' and 'PARK') that research public space baselines and interventions, and subsequently, transition the learnings into upscaled applications.