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8 ways to meet your next sport-for-all partner at the MOVE Congress

How many likeminded professionals from different countries and continents can you meet at the MOVE Congress? Probably hundreds. How many meaningful and lasting connections can you form at the MOVE Congress? That is up to you!

However, we’ve gathered some ideas to make sure that your business card exchanging moves will be the grooviest:

1. Warm up with the programme! The 8th MOVE Congress runs on four tracks, namely:

  1. MOVEment Spaces – Reframing Urban Spaces for Physical Activity;
  2. Removing Barriers – Getting it Right: Engaging Hard-to-Reach Groups in Physical Activity,
  3. Me Time, Wellbeing Time – WILD Time! – Bringing Physical Activity Back to Nature,
  4. Active School Communities: Ceating an Active Culture for Every Child.

2. Dip into the network! Did you know that this MOVE Congress in Birmingham will gather more than 300 experts and professionals from all around the world? Or that ISCA – one of the leading forces behind the conference – has more than 200 affiliated member organisations on five continents?


3. Challenge yourself during the coffee breaks! The MOVE Congress is known for active breaks that can easily become some of the highlights of the conference. Far away from any of the “classical” formats, the MOVE Congress can surprise participants with spontaneous dance sessions, morning exercises or breaking the mid-session fatigue with FlashMOVEs as experienced in 2015. These are only some examples from previous conferences and 2017 promises to bring many new ones.

4. Swing through Birmingham: Birmingham is a city that is leaping forward in physical activity promotion, proving it has successful strategies to reach some of the hardest to reach members of the community through innovative physical activity initiatives such as Active Parks, Big Birmingham Bikes, Active Streets, and other forms of free physical activity, both inside and outdoors. Click here to see what’s happening in Birmingham in the beginning of October or see the Visit Birmingham site for sightseeing opportunities. In addition, here are some handpicked suggestions to stay active before, during, and after the conference:

    1. MOVING water: Discover the Canals in Birmingham
    2. MOVING view: Enjoy the view at the Library of Birmingham
    3. MOVING pictures: Visit the UK’s oldest working cinema – The Electric
    4. Contemporary MOVES: Get inspired by contemporary art at IKON



5. Score business cards! Make sure that with every card exchanged comes a story – both the ones you give out as well as with the ones you receive. The connections you’ll establish at the MOVE Congress can potentially become your collaborative partners, peers, and even friends in the following years. Is your business card updated?

6. Be ready to play! The MOVE Congress is one of the most dynamic conferences in the world and the sport-for-all community knows how to balance work and play. Although we deal with serious topics, we know how to not take ourselves too seriously. For instance, life has never been a walk in the park for Birmingham residents, but a network of local authorities, NGOs and corporate partners has turned its parks into attractive spaces where all kinds of physical activities are on offer – for free.


7. Capture the connection! Nowadays, everyone can be a content creator. Candid moments are often captured best by the subjects themselves. Share your moving MOVE Congress moment by using the official hashtag #MOVECONGRESS.

8. Don’t sweat it! You will meet your potential partner anyway, as the MOVE Congress is one of the biggest meeting of grassroots sport organisations you can find. What matters is that you make sure to be there and join the talks. As much as the conference is focused on getting some hands-on solutions to the existing problems, the MOVE Congress is also a place for planting new ideas. And that’s what good networking is best for.

Register for the MOVE Congress 2017 and get ready to create your next successful partnership!