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Physical activity promoters, unite!

It’s your job to convince decision-makers and people in your community that there are so many benefits to be gained from being physically active. And you’re not alone.

It has never been more vital to bring professionals from the community sport and physical activity sector together to find new ways forward in this most challenging era. The MOVE Congress 2021 is your opportunity to reconnect with people who are building back better with effective approaches, technologies and an extraordinary motivation to put sport, recreation, physical activity and fitness back on the agenda.

This year the MOVE Congress will be held in the political heart of Europe – Brussels – so you will have an opportunity to get into the conversation with key stakeholders who have an influence on how sport and physical activity will recover after the pandemic.

It’s your MOVE

The world changed abruptly and rapidly in 2020, with an immediate impact on the physical activity sector. Traditional community sport and physical activity classes were disrupted by closures to indoor venues, suspension of competition and training, and limits on gatherings. Online and outdoor workouts emerged as new activities that are here to stay. How do we adapt and keep in the game?

What will your next MOVE be? We can still do so much to keep our fellow citizens active. Whether you’re working on local, national or international initiatives to get more people MOVING, the MOVE Congress is an unmatched opportunity to strengthen the reach and impact of your work by:

  • Reconnecting with likeminded professionals from the public and private sectors, including health, sport, education, urban planning, international relations, business and technology.
  • Backing up your ideas and ambitions with first-hand insights from the field.
  • Finding ways to get your projects off the ground with funding, support and the right partners.
  • Gaining inspiration and fresh ideas from around the world.
  • Getting ahead with the latest technologies and techniques that are nudging people to MOVE more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get back in the game and make your next MOVE as a physical activity promoter.

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Don’t forget your business card!

November is approaching faster than you think, so it’s time to start packing. First item – your business card…