for the Human Right to MOVE

4–6 OCTOBER 2017
Birmingham | UK


for the Human Right to Move

The MOVE Congress is one of the few conferences in the world that focuses solely on recreational sport and physical activity. It brings 350 stakeholders in grassroots sport together to discuss key topics in the sport and physical activity sector. This year the MOVE Congress is taking place in Birmingham, UK. The Human Right to MOVE is the central theme of the conference, featuring four tracks on topics such as new ways of creating active outdoor spaces, removing barriers to hard-to-reach groups, bringing city dwellers back to nature by “Rewilding cities”, and outside-the-box approaches to physical activity in schools.

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It’s our Human Right to MOVE, so what’s stopping us?

Humans have a fundamental right to be active, but urban environments are stripping us of active spaces and restricting us with dangers and barriers that make it harder to keep moving. As stakeholders in the physical activity sector, we are the enablers of the human right to MOVE. And the transformation from inactive to active communities starts with us – right now.

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MOVEment Spaces

In this session, we will look at “green” (parks and green spaces), “black” (paved and asphalt spaces) and “blue” (water) settings that can offer solutions to the perceived lack of MOVEment spaces in our cities.

Track 1

Removing Barriers – Getting it Right

Join the debate and learn from physical activity initiatives and campaigns that have successfully ReMOVED barriers to reaching the “hard-to-reach”.

Track 2

Me Time, Wellbeing Time – WILD Time!

Join this session to discover the advantages of un-taming your physical activity offers and bringing your participants back to nature!

Track 3

Active School Communities

This track will reveal how different stakeholders are working with schools on innovate approaches to physical activity before, during and after school.


Track 4

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For the MOVE Congress 2017

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