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Level up together

The MOVE Congress is the biggest international conference dedicated to recreational sport and health-enhancing physical activity. It’s also your ticket to a network of 400 professionals from the NGO, health, sport, education, urban planning, environment and political sectors – get ready to take your work to the next level together. See you in Madrid!

Level up. Shape up. Power up.

ISCA’s MOVE Congress is back! And it’s time for us to level up as change-makers who help people enjoy better health and wellbeing, better environments that inspire them to be active, and better access to sport and physical activity. We’re gathering 400 trailblazers like you in Madrid, Spain, on 15-17 November 2023, so you won’t want to miss it.

Our sector is about much more than sport and this is the conference where you can raise your voice when it comes to big issues like mental and physical health, the future of our planet, the threats and opportunities presented by the digital world, and social inclusion.

Level up: Gain inspiration, skills and strength to advance to the next level – you don’t need to be a computer game hero to join in, but you’ll learn how to defeat inactivity monsters like one.

Shape up: Fit bodies, fit minds, a healthy planet and a healthy sector can achieve much more. So how can we get into better shape to move with the times and make a difference?

Power up: Supercharge your network, get fit for the digital age and leap into a sustainable future – get inspired by people, cities and organisations who are on the MOVE.

The MOVE Congress 2023 programme includes (full programme here):

  • Motivational keynote speakers, expert-led workshops and thought-provoking debates featured in interactive plenary and parallel sessions
  • Level up: Masterclasses and debates on sport for development and nurturing children’s wellbeing through community sport and social initiatives (featuring Icehearts)
  • Shape up: Deep dives into better mental health for children and adults, NCD prevention and public spaces through recreational sport and physical activity
  • Power up: Esports debate and Fit for the Digital Age workshop
  • Shake up: Your cities with innovative placemaking ideas
  • Clean up: Your activities to make them more environmentally friendly
  • Meet up: Alley of Inspiration networking area

The conference is supported by the European Union through projects including Icehearts Europe, Placemaking and Sport, European Grassroots Esports, IRTS Ukraine and an EU4Health programme operating grant.


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What our speakers and participants say

The reaction of the crowd has been amazing. I’ve got great feedback from people, very positive. I’m especially happy that people are curious and really dedicated to understanding us, as refugees, standing on a stage and sharing our stories. I can see how engaged they are and that makes me very happy.

<Founder and Director, GIRL POWER/>

The really special thing about the MOVE Congress is that there are so many sports implementers and activists and projects that are operating outside of the formal sports structure. So coming to the MOVE Congress is incredibly inspirational because we’re learning about all of the different practices and techniques of good project design.

<Founder and Chief Catalyst, Ready Sport Global, Spain/>

I think the MOVE Congress is a big platform and a very good place for networking and getting to know other people. So the main thing I’m going to be bringing home with me and having with me for the rest of my life is these many connections.

<Project Leader at Unisport, Denmark/>

We had such a diverse panel, and I thanked the MOVE Congress organisers for that because I think it’s important that we hear from different minority groups. These people came up and gave us some great insights into how we can redesign and rebuild projects to make them more inclusive.

<Consultant at Responsible Sport, Switzerland/>

What I get out of attending something like the MOVE Congress is that you see people who are suddenly coming together. And when it’s done in a way that is playful and engaging, you really see what people can do when we come together.

<Author and founder of F***ing Friendly/>

The MOVE Congress has been excellent. It’s brought together such a diverse group of people and professionals working in the area of promoting physical activity. But one of the key things here is how practice-focused everyone is, offering real solutions to getting people around the world more active.

<World Health Organization/>

We need to keep our conversations going, because it’s with those conversations that the changes are going to come. Whether we’re learning from each other, connecting with each other or working on joint partnerships, that’s what we need. So it can’t be just once every second year, the MOVE Congress has to be for life.

<Lead of This Girl Can Campaign, UK/>

The thing that I love about the MOVE Congress is the amount of passion that’s in the room. Every single conversation you have here, every single presentation that is here – it’s a bright mind with a positive idea to try to make the world a better place. And that’s just a great way to spend a couple of days.

<AKS Media International, Australia/>

I think it’s great to be involved in a community that’s promoting physical activity and looking at practical solutions as well as looking at the big picture. And, as a speaker, it’s an opportunity for me to spread my message around and encourage people to be more physically active.

<Primal Play, UK/>

Things like the MOVE Congress help us realise that we’re all dealing with the same issues – we’re in different countries but the issues are the same. Just sitting in the sessions and listening to people we can learn so much from each other. And then importantly we can use what we are learning in other countries to advocate and influence decision makers in our own nations.

<Chief Executive of Youth Sport Trust, UK/>

ISCA's MOVE Congress is definitely something not to be missed! This network has connected me to many like-minded people and amazing partners who inspire and support me and my organisation. This is how our partnership with the internationally renowned NGO GAME came to be during the 2015 MOVE Congress in Denmark.

<Founder and Director of MOVE Malta/>

A lot of people at the Congress are very interested in the This Girl Can campaign. It’s been such an experience. I’m so grateful and thankful for you having me here and I think it’s one of the best things I could have attended for my career.

<This Girl Can Campaign Coordinator, UK/>

Level up. Shape up. Power up.


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