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<LGBTQI+ Youth coach and educator at Wel Jong Niet Hetero and co-founder of Out For The Win, Belgium/>

Arlena Darragas


About The Speaker

Arlena Darragas

Arlena Darragas (she/her) is a passionate fighter for a more accessible and safe environment for LGBTQI+ people in sports. She lives in Ghent, Belgium and works for Wel Jong Niet Hetero, a Belgian youth LGBTQ+ non profit organisation. For the past 6 years she has been coaching, guiding and educating young LGBTQ+ people in organising activities, projects and initiatives. In 2016, she co-founded Out For The Win, an organisation who aims to normalise LGBTQI+ people in sports through storytelling and education. She believes sports can take on a powerful role in challenging and changing our society so that everyone can be themselves.