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<Project Manager at Swedish Postcode Foundation/>

David Given-Sjölander


About The Speaker

David Given-Sjölander

David has extensive experience within sport and sustainable development, having worked directly for or supported a wide range of organisations, from local non-profits and social entrepreneurs to National Sport Federations and the United Nations. As Project Manager for the Swedish Postcode Foundation, he has partnered with over 100 organisations and has developed the Foundation’s strategy on the use of sport for sustainable development. David has a Masters in Sport Development Management with a focus on International Development, Gender Equality and Youth Health. The Swedish Postcode Foundation is a beneficiary to the Swedish Postcode Lottery and provides support to projects that foster positive social impact or search for long-term solutions to global challenges. Since 2007, the foundation has distributed over 1.7 billion SEK in support of more than 700 projects in Sweden and internationally.