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<J@M Mechelen/Youth Health Champion, Belgium/>

Yasmina Ben Ziane


About The Speaker

Yasmina Ben Ziane

Yasmina works for J@M Mechelen in Belgium, which is a free time activity initiative for teens and children to help them become more involved in social and community opportunities: "I started this journey as an 18-year-old participant in the European Youth Health Champions project in England. The project focused on future young leaders who want to become a leading figure in their community. My experience gained in England gave me the opportunity to travel to Denmark. The gymnastics school in Ollerup and the organisation ISCA have helped me develop new skills as a leader and learn new interpersonal skills about myself. Now as a 21-year-old young lady, I can proudly say that these projects and many others have made me the passionate and driven person I am today. I am currently studying event & project management to keep the passion for projects alive and the fire burning."