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Friday afternoon was something else

By Roxana Chiriac

The project I’d like to see in my city
An innovative initiative introduced by Sean Blair, the convenor of the MOVE Congress 2014 from Pro Meet UK, was the Open Space workshop. What is that, you may wonder?

“Open Space workshop means having a coffee with a friend, where you declare what you want to talk about” and the participants can “use the law of two feet” and leave the discussion if they are not interested.

The “coffee drinkers” were speakers, moderators and participants who had discussions in smaller groups and addressed the possibilities of several issues agreed upon prior to the discussion, by finishing the following sentence: “The project I would like to see carried out in my city or by my organisation is…”

It was an interactive and relaxing session and the participants could move around and “visit” several topics of interest.

“Mama Said Knock You Out”
No, LL Cool J wasn’t present at the MOVE Congress 2014, but Marvin Radford from ISCA used his lyrics combined with boxing movements to energise the packed crowd that was present for the Erasmus+ Fundraising Session.

It is good to have an idea and to want to change lives and behaviours through sport, but how would you get the money for it?

Michal Rynkowski from the EU Sport Unit introduced the Erasmus+ programme and explained how it differed from the previous Preparatory Actions funding streams previously offered by the European Commission.

Philippe De Witte, from EU Sport Link Belgium, presented the Dos and Don’ts of Erasmus+ Sport project proposals, advice about seeking partnerships and insights into the European Commission’s procedures when it comes to the applications.

“You need the entire team to be part of the project, therefore, you need to assess the capability and commitment of the team and organisation,” he said, as getting funding for your projects is not an easy task, and only the well prepared can make it through the jungle of applications.

On the practical side, Rachel Payne guided the participants through the practicalities of such proposals, presenting the forms and additional documentation in detail.