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How can a conference venue be sustainable? Introducing MOVE Congress 2021 host Maison de la Poste

ISCA is dedicated to finding new ways of making our projects and events as sustainable as possible and this year’s MOVE Congress at the Maison de la Poste will be the perfect example that change is possible. We can build back greener, more active and healthier through placemaking and green city initiatives, which alongside advocating the benefits of grassroots sport and physical activity, is one of our passions.

One of the main reasons why we chose the Maison de la Poste in the Tour & Taxis complex to be our Brussels venue for the MOVE Congress 2021 is its commitment to sustainability. Here we present how they have worked sustainability into their operations and show how their approaches coincide with ours – by attending the MOVE Congress 2021 you will be able to experience this inspiring space first-hand.

“We’ve adapted our ways of working at all levels to prioritise sustainable development,” Tour & Taxis explains on its website. “We consider the usefulness of objects, the mode of transport, the choice of materials, reusability, the commitment to sustainability of event organisers, and more. We are exploring new ways to recycle materials used throughout our multi-functional site, and always promote the use of items that can be reused, repaired and recycled.”

Maison de la Poste has an interesting history being a telephone and telegraph centre in the early 20th century, then being used as a post office in the 1970s, earning its current name, and was even a popular nightclub in the 1990s. It has been used for its current function since the 2000s.

The Tour & Taxis buildings have a strong industrial heritage and have been renovated with durability in mind to make sure that the venue will stand strong for many generations. They used sustainable construction methods and materials and are focused on reducing their energy consumption. Geothermal energy is used for heating and cooling indoor areas. Rainwater collection system is used in toilets and the watering of green spaces. The impressively big solar panel system creates enough electricity equal to the consumption of 850 households.

Starting from produce, all the way to tableware, Tour & Taxis truly shows their dedication to sustainability and moving towards zero waste.

They cooperate solely with caterers that have signed their sustainability agreement, covering the respect for the environment, social legislation, the wellbeing of staff, strict hygiene, and last but not least, high quality foods produced locally. With an organic market a few steps away from the venue, the food they source is certified organic local produce with the condition of fair compensation for the producers. They don’t use single-use tableware, like plastic cups or even plastic plates, but instead opt for durable and reusable tableware avoiding a huge amount of waste at every event hosted.

All coffee lovers will be glad to hear that the coffee is sourced from bio, fair and direct trade farms in Colombia, roasted in Brussels and then enjoyed in the venues. But what about the leftover grinds? They have that covered as well! They believe in a circular economy and minimising waste. The coffee grounds leftover in the coffee making process get used by a social cooperative called PermaFunghi turning the grounds into a natural fertiliser and using them to grow oyster mushrooms. All the water provided at events is delivered by tap straight to the venue, sticking to very strict standards and specifications and then filtered and bottled at the site to encourage a more mindful water consumption.

We hope to see as many of you RESTARTING and REACTIVATING, but also RETHINKING your ways of living and working with us and we think Maison de la Poste’s sustainable space and the MOVE Congress’ efforts will create the perfect environment for that!

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