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MOVE Congress 2009

The MOVE2009 World Congress on Active Cities took place on 21-24 October 2009, in Copenhagen Denmark, and was opened by the Mayor for Sport and Culture of Copenhagen, Mrs Pia Allerslev. MOVE2009 was organised by a broad partnership group spanning across several sectors, and served as a platform for debate, experience sharing and inspiration for stakeholders representing sport, health and citizenship initiatives in urban areas. 310 engaged and competent congress attendees created a venue for cross-sector cooperation and partnerships, seeking to build on a political momentum for looking at concerted actions to address contemporary faced by Active Cities.

MOVE2009 subsequently paved the way for increased cooperation between especially sport associations, city managers, architects, urban planners, political decision makers and business representatives.

The themes for MOVE2009 were:

Overarching themes:

  • Urban planning
  • Settings
  • Target groups
  • City profiling

Cross-cutting themes:

  • Sport and physical activity
  • Health of urban populations
  • Citizenship
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