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Why your boss should send you to the MOVE Congress 2017

If you’re a professional working in any sector, you’ll surely want to be on top of the latest trends and brush shoulders with experts in your field. Conferences are a key way to gather inspiration from peers and thought leaders.

Florence Mondin, Policy Officer from the Sport Unit of the European Commission, tells us that EU staff are no exception. They might be the ones that many community and national sport organisations look up to for support, but they are also looking to us for new ideas and insights. At ISCA’s MOVING Europe – MOVING People conference in Ljubljana last year, she shared why it’s important for her to attend events organised by NGOs who are delivering grassroots sport and physical activity initiatives.

“We do learn a lot because we are sharing experience and points of view with experts from the field. The experts on the ground, they have concrete experiences to share, so we always learn something from others, especially from the experts in the field,” Mondin said.

The health sector also has a keen interest in what we do. Andrea Backovic Jurican from the National Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia also presented at the MOVING Europe – MOVING People conference and tells us why it’s so valuable for her to stay connected to the grassroots sport and physical activity sector.

“As a public health servant it’s very important to promote health-enhancing physical activity, also at events connected with sport – either at events where people are engaged in sports or scientific or professional events that promote sport and physical activity,” Backovic Jurican said.

This year, from 4-6 October, we’re hosting an even bigger global conference – the MOVE Congress – the perfect professional development opportunity for stakeholders in grassroots sport and physical activity. Our programme has something for everyone: from the health, to transport, to urban planning, education and sport sectors. Your boss shouldn’t let you miss it – and if you are the boss, what are you waiting for?

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