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Birmingham, UK in focus – what to expect?

Frequent Flyer or just a Novice Traveller, we have prepared a list of things to check before coming to Birmingham this October. As UK is the land of many perks, then it might be good to check this before closing the zipper of your suitcase – are you ready and prepared?

✈︎ Adapt the power adapters


✈︎ UK is a country where traffic drives on the left

Note this within a roundabout where the circulation is clockwise!

Source: Wikipedia

✈︎ Change your currency to pounds

Even though you should be able to use your credit or debit card in most places (taxis included!), then you might want to change some of your home country currency to British pounds. Whereas the most convenient place for his may be your home, it’s still a good idea to check the current rate. The tourist rates are usually poorer than the mid-market, so find one with the closest exchange rate!

However, if you need to exchange some currency in Birmingham, here are some places we recommend:

    1. Eurochange –  located at Union Street, Central Train Station and other places:
    2. Kanoo Foreign Exchange – located at Union Street:

Credit and debit cards are the two main card types a merchant is likely to accept. If you pay with either of them, you will be priced extra for the interchange fee. Rates may vary based on your home bank rules.

✈︎ Afternoon tea

An important custom in the British society that is still very relevant tradition to many. It is served around 4PM and includes treating yourself with some tea, sandwiches, scones, and cake. At this MOVE Congress, the networking breaks will take place around 3:30 on both full programme days. As we are an international crowd, this will be a perfect time for a break, but an active one.

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