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Equity vs Equality – remove the barriers to reach the “hard-to-reach”

In general, we have a good understanding of who the hard-to-reach groups are and why it is important to get them engaged in the community.

Although everyone has the fundamental right to move, many social groups are being left behind when it comes to access and awareness of affordable activities that can enhance their wellbeing. As a result, their physical activity levels tend to be much lower and it can be difficult to motivate them to be more active.

What to do if we see our colleagues and peers becoming more inactive, day by day? Whose only “human” contact is mediated and generated by never-ending rows of ones and zeroes? We need to regain our right to move and find our way out. After all, the walls we built can be taken down only by ourselves.

At this MOVE Congress, we turn our heads to the experts and will remove some of these barriers. Join the debate and learn from physical activity initiatives and campaigns that have successfully ReMOVED barriers to reaching the “hard-to-reach”.

Meet us out in the open – at the MOVE Congress!

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