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Born Barikor: “Turn up. Tone up”

Born Barikor chooses another approach to get people more active. With Our Parks UK, he brings activities to the community, no gym memberships required. At the MOVE Congress 2017, Barikor shared his tips and tricks on how to engage with people around the UK by using social media in a clever way.

Our Parks is a great example of how to engage with people who distance themselves from the mainstream gym culture. By bringing the exercise outside and engaging with people through viral video campaigns, the CEO has created a new movement in the UK.


Meet new people in their own space

Whereas outdoor training has become so popular that in 2017 over 55,000 people were participating in a class on a weekly basis, Barikor’s goals are even bigger: to get 100,000 people moving in 2018.

However, even with the greatest enthusiasm, not all outdoor practices can be successful. For example, how can you avoid the situation where you fly 2000 miles for an event where no one shows up? See Born Barikor’s energising MOVE Congress presentation below:

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