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Think global, act local – Norway’s experience in reframing urban spaces for physical activity

Dealing with the global refugee crisis is not only a state-level problem. Many local communities deal with everyday questions on how to integrate asylum seekers into their local communities. At the MOVE Congress 2017, Andreas Selliaas from Selliaas Consulting shared his own experience from Norway.

Andreas Selliaas’ personal experience with human rights in sport has two equally important sides. By coaching a football team for refugees and asylum seekers in Norway, he has not only taken an inclusive approach but offered them an opportunity to do physical activity and play sports. With a simple goal of teaching football, Selliaas has given both a new perspective to the asylum seekers and eased their integration into a foreign country.

However, Selliaas explained that he often feels conflicted when they accept young refugees or asylum seekers to their activities. He can’t fight against the state’s policy that will probably send out many refugees who turn 18. In the meanwhile, he is, however, able to provide them the support from a local community.

See how Selliaas helped Wahid and Nasim – two young Afghan refugees – and taught them how to play football and so much more:

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