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Have you experienced a MOVE Congress before?

If you were in Rome with us in 2014, see if you can spot yourself in this video. If you’ve never been to the MOVE Congress, here is a taste of one of the most active conferences in the world!

(Fun fact: The song was created by our participants.)

This video is a collection of memories from the 6th MOVE Congress in Rome in 2014. It is a collection that highlights the movement, vibrant atmosphere and creative sessions and workshops that characterise one of the world’s only conferences dedicated to grassroots sport and physical activity.

The music was recorded at the end of each session, where the participants were asked to be the voice of what would become the NowWeMOVE campaign anthem. Behind the initiative was Congress moderator Sean Blair, from ProMeet, and Tom Currie and Howie Saunders from AudioFuel.

Once the NowWeMOVE theme tune gets into your head, it won’t let you forget to register for 2017!

So if you missed the MOVE Congress in 2014, why not get into the action in Birmingham from 4-6 October?

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