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Fit for the digital age AI workshop

MOVE Congress Workshop
Friday 17 November 2023: 11.45-13.15 CET
Room: Zaragoza (4th floor)

Facilitators: Lucy Mills, Ready Sport Global; Markus Schwaiger, Austria Guides; Julia Lisewska, International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA)

Designed especially for beginners, this interactive and informative peer-to-peer workshop will explore how artificial intelligence (AI) tools can benefit small non-profit organisations, as we put AI to the test on a “real-life” example project that encourages people to move.

It promises to be a unique session that combines a keynote from AI and community sport specialist Lucy Mills (a MOVE Congress panellist in 2021 and former FC Barca Foundation project manager) and practical exercises led by ISCA volunteers part and present, Markus and Julia. The trio will help you get fit for the digital age by embracing the era of digitalisation and technology with confidence, including the potential threats and benefits of AI.

Let’s explore the history and key milestones of AI, understand what the ‘AI boom’ has to offer in our work, and learn about various AI types through everyday examples.

Our facilitators will cover:
  • The inner workings of AI, including algorithms, data, models, and machine learning
  • How to apply AI applications to our project or operation tasks in sport and physical activity promotion
  • Concerns and challenges such as ‘explainability’, bias, deep fakes, privatisation of AI, and regulatory issues.
The session concludes with a discussion on how practitioners can prepare for the digital era. You will truly achieve the MOVE Congress 2023 ambition to Level up. Shape up. and Power up. for the future.

Check out the full MOVE Congress programme here
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