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Free the stairs!

Moving around in modern skyscrapers and high buildings is far more convenient than dangerous rope-climbing. However, choosing to step into a box – the elevator – is another disservice that we voluntarily do to ourselves every day. Simply put, we forget to exercise our Human Right to MOVE.

We’ve all seen the sign: “Use the stairs only in case of emergency!” Everywhere we go, we are more and more discouraged to take the stairs and choose the elevator instead although there is no reason why the situation should not be the opposite.

We argue that there are not enough elevators in the buildings[1] and there are waiting lines, but we forget that the faster way to move between the floors would be to climb the stairs[2].

At this MOVE Congress, we ask what is stopping us from exercising our right to move. In many cases, the conclusion might be simple – and we are the ones who have limited ourselves from moving.

Join us in Birmingham to get into the discussion on removing barriers from our everyday environments.

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[1] Postimees: “Ministrite muljed superministeeriumist: vähe lifte ja jahe kabinet, aga saab koos lõunatada” (2017) – Estonian ministers complaining about the long waiting lines and little number of elevators in the new building where four of Estonian ministries recently moved.
[2] “ The stairs are the quickest way to your destination in buildings with seven floors or less, especially during peak times.” http://no-elevators-day.nowwemove.com/about/
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