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Un-tame your daily commute

City dwellers usually have three choices to commute to work: by car, public transport and the third, more active way – by pedal power or walking.

Looking at your city in a different way opens up new possibilities for physical activity. Breaking our routines and defying the dangers is the first step to finding easy solutions. Like making the transition from inactive to active transport: Whether it is getting off one stop earlier to walk the last leg to work, trying out the cycle paths along the river, jogging home to squeeze in 30 minutes of cardio, the opportunities are always there no matter how wild your urban environment is.

At this year’s MOVE Congress in Birmingham, UK, from 4-6 October, we’re dedicating a track to finding and creating wild places in urban spaces for physical activity. Me Time, Wellbeing Time, WILD Time! Together with our conference partner, the Wild Network, MOVE Congress delegates will discover the benefits of “Rewilding Cities” and changing the mindset of city dwellers to “un-tame” their daily routines.

We all have the Human Right to MOVE – it’s up to us to break the barriers and get outside.

Un-tame your daily commute and learn how you can create “Wild Time” at the MOVE Congress 2017.

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