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Good practices from the US: Encouraging Safe and Active Transportation to School

At the recent MOVE Congress in 2017, Jonathan Hooshmand from the University of Miami shared the key learnings from “Walk safe. Bike safe.”, a movement which supports the right to move around safely in one’s community.

Providing safe and active transportation is one of the best ways to include physical activity in everyday routines from early in life, Hooshmand said.

See the presentation slides here:

That is why the “Walk Safe. Bike Safe.” programmes have designed their activities around three main goals: to decrease the number of pediatric pedestrian and bicyclist injuries; to increase physical activity, and to encourage the use of walkable and bikeable environments.

Many of the programmes started in early 2000s when emergency centres registered a rising number of serious accidents between a cyclist and a car. In a country where roads are primarily designed for motorised vehicles, find out how the local communities have taken action for a safer neighbourhood:

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