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Kevin Mayne: Making space for physical activity through advocacy

Drawing on plenty of experience in lobbying for the recreational and active transport cycling movement, Kevin Mayne from the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) said at the MOVE Congress 2017 that the undercurrent goal of their work is to change the reputation of lobbyists.

Advocacy has a higher, transformative purpose and not all lobbyists are advocating society’s vices, Mayne said.

The European Cyclists’ Federation has a central aim of changing the ways in which public spaces are used for transport. So in order to secure well-funded projects to support their work, their voice has to be clear and sound. Their goal for 2020 is to double the number of cyclists in Europe as well as reduce the number of killed or seriously injured cyclists by at least half.

At the MOVE Congress 2017, Mayne explained the ways to get into the middle of processes and guarantee your say in them. See the full presentation here:

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