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How can sport better serve society in times of crisis?

MOVE Congress Debate
Thursday 16 November 2023: 11.45-12.45 CET

Room: Salamanca + Avila (1st floor)
Moderator: David Given-Sjölander, Founder and Strategic Advisor, GS Consultancy
Panellists: Haneen Khatib, Female Leader Sport and Development; Etsuko Yamada, The Japan Sport Council; and Dr Ben Sanders, The International Platform on Sport and Development.

How can sport respond in times of crisis? The world faces a range of intersecting crises, including escalating conflict and humanitarian crises, an environmental and climate crisis, a cost-of-living crisis and a range of other local, national, regional and global challenges.

Sport can play a role in supporting communities in such times, but what is the optimal role for sport? What are the challenges and opportunities? How should sport actors respond? How can sport maximise its contribution to sustainable development and peace?

Global experts from The Japan Sport Council, the Middle East and The International Platform on Sport and Development will engage in a robust conversation on how and why sport can do more to better serve society. Audience engagement is encouraged so don’t miss out!

Join this crucial debate to:

  • Learn as experts unpack how sport can be most effective in times of crisis
  • Consider how sport can best contribute to development and peace
  • Engage in critical conversation – is it time for sport to change?
  • Participate in the debate as an audience member and have your say

There has never been a more important time in human history to consider the role sport can, and should, play in alleviating crises and contributing to development and peace.

What are you waiting for? Register here and secure your seat at the debate.

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