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It takes a village to raise a healthy, happy child 

MOVE Congress Panel
Thursday 16 November 2023: 11.45-12.45 CET
Room: Zaragoza (4th floor)

Moderator: Anna Chalkley, Senior Research Fellow in school-based physical activity at Bradford University and knowledge exchange and the chair of HEPA Europe
Panellists: Stephen Whiting, Technical Officer, World Health Organization; Dominique de Marné Co-founder, Mental Health Crowd; Linda Ooms, Researcher at Mulier Institute; Ingrid Stegeman, Programme Manager, EuroHealthNet.

Bouncing back from a pandemic and global crises is tough. Not just for adults who are battling uncertainty and exponential costs of living – children and youth also need supportive structures to ease back into “normal life” in their communities and meanwhile keep up with emerging challenges they might be facing. 

In this panel debate, we’ll look at how to adopt a holistic, child-centred approach to kids’ health and wellbeing and imagine that community sitting around one table. Because it takes a global village to raise a healthy, happy child.

What is the role of sport, PE and physical activity in the bigger healthy environment picture, and can it have a positive impact on children’s resilience? Our expert speakers will dive into our fishbowl to debate the way forward – and you can join the conversation on stage!

Jump into the fishbowl to share your perspectives on:
  • The challenges that today’s children and youth are battling with
  • How to engage children themselves as stakeholders in overcoming these challenges
  • Creating safe recreational spaces, particularly for vulnerable children and youth
  • Achieving holistic approaches to kids’ health in different settings
This expert panel will set the scene for a masterclass in a successful approach to supporting children’s mental health, Icehearts Finland.

Don’t miss out! Register here and join the discussions.

ISCA coordinator for this session: Laura-Maria Tiidla
This panel discussion is supported by the European Commission’s #EU4Healthfund through the Icehearts Europe project led by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA).
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