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Integration of Refugees Through Sport workshop

MOVE Congress 2023 Workshop
Thursday 16 November 2023: 13.45-15.45 CET
Room: Salamanca + Avila (1st floor)

Moderator: Elena Marin Yanez, Laureus International; Jakub Kalinowski, V4Sport Foundation.
Panellists: Oleksandra Bolyak, UkraineActive; Edelmira Campos Núñez, UNHCR Spain; Ahmad Al-Kharouf, Generations for Peace; Ebrahim Pishtaz, Law and Political Science Graduate, Afghanistan; Perrine Mardiné, Fútbol Más Global.

We are living in a world that is changing. Today, around the world, people are on the move. They are fleeing their countries to escape conflict, violence, persecution, and human rights violations, and they are seeking to improve their livelihoods. Despite the different circumstances in each continent, there is one thing that remains the same; sport and its power to support displaced people to adapt and integrate into their new societies.  

The MOVE Congress has been uniting solutions in the field of Integration of Refugees Through Sport by welcoming several stakeholders and partners located across Europe, dedicated to creating and delivering solutions to an international challenge. This year, our speakers will show you the different refugee contexts around the globe.

This track will explore differences and similarities of the challenges that internally displaced persons and refugees face in the communities of European countries, as well as in South America, Africa and Middle East. What is the role of sport and physical activity on supporting such populations? Which are the lessons learned and how can we be better prepared for a future refugee crisis?

Our international moderators, panellists and interactive game facilitators will help you to:
  • Compare different refugee contexts, identify similarities/differences and relevant responses
  • Explore how we can be better prepared in the future, using the current knowledge and experience, and respond better to future refugee crises together
  • Promote collaboration between actors working in this field
  • Provide relevant knowledge to people who are working in the sport sector but do not have relevant (humanitarian aid/refugee) experience
This is a unique opportunity to learn from leading global organisations, experts who work directly with refugees through sport and refugees from their own experience.
Register here to learn from this most valuable and tragically timely session.

ISCA coordinator of this session: Katerina Salta
This session is supported by co-funding from the European Union through the IRTS Ukraine project https://irts.isca.org/ukraine
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