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The art of placemaking and designing active spaces

MOVE Congress Track
Friday 17 November, 9:45-11:15 (keynote and panel) and 11:45-13:15 (workshop)
Room: Burgos + Leon (1st floor)

Facilitators: Sophia Schuff and Raúl Dolz Sánchez, Gehl
Panellists: Gustav Svanborg Edén, City of Malmö, Sweden; Ibrahim Hourani, GAME Lebanon; Remco Hoekman, Mulier Institute and Radboud University, the Netherlands; Oliver Vanges, Lokale og Anlægsfonden (Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities).

This two-part track is aimed at unlocking a deeper understanding of placemaking and its profound impact on the urban environment. Placemaking refers to a collaborative process by which we can shape our public realm in order to maximise shared value. Placemaking facilitates creative patterns of use, paying particular attention to the physical, cultural, and social identities that define a place and support its ongoing evolution. 

Keynote Presentation: Sophia Schuff and Raúl Dolz Sánchez, Gehl
Unlocking Placemaking: From Theory to Practice
Our keynote speakers from global leader in innovative design and public space transformation, Gehl, will explore what placemaking is, how it works, and the essential elements that can turn an ordinary urban area into a thriving place that fosters connection and well-being. Discover the fundamental principles and strategies of placemaking as Gehl unveils the art of transforming urban spaces into vibrant places. Learn about the power of community engagement, data, creative design, and social activation in reshaping our cities.

Panel Discussion:
Placemaking in Action: Real-World Success Stories and Challenges
Our expert panellists will highlight examples of placemaking in street sports and repurposing existing architecture for sport and physical activity rather than building new facilities. Gehl will facilitate a dynamic discussion on the practical application of placemaking, drawing from the panellists’ experiences of transforming different urban settings. Together, they will explore the challenges and triumphs of revitalising public spaces, fostering inclusivity, and the role of placemaking in urban revitalisation. This session provides a unique opportunity to gain insights into the philosophy and practice of placemaking, showcasing how it can breathe new life into cities and communities.

In this interactive workshop we will explore the transformative power of placemaking in your own work as a physical activity promoter. You will have the opportunity to address critical questions that will guide your journey in revitalising public spaces. We’ll delve into the heart of placemaking with a hands-on mood board collage activity using a carefully curated package of images. This workshop is your chance to envision a brighter future for your community by creating dynamic, inviting public spaces that truly resonate with your audience.

This is a golden opportunity to learn from the best in this field – you won’t want to miss it. Register today to take part in the placemaking track.

ISCA coordinators of this track: Rachel Payne and Hilal Erkoca Mølgaard
The Placemaking and Sport Innovative European Solutions project has been co-funded by European Commission under the Pilot Projects & Preparation Actions (PPPA), PPPA-SPORT-2022 GRASSROOTS-INNOVATION Programme.
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