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LazyTown star to kick off Day 2 of the MOVE Congress

Nobody fits the description of “game-changer” in sport and physical activity better than someone who transforms into a superhero and sets out on a mission to move the world. This transformation was all in a day’s work for MOVE Congress 2019 keynote speaker Magnús Scheving – an Icelandic entrepreneur who created his own TV show, LazyTown, and starred in it as healthy lifestyle superhero Sportacus.

A former gymnast, PE teacher and self-described “flaming ball of energy”, Scheving noticed a gap in the international market for a kids’ TV show that focused on the powers of being active and eating healthy food.

Children of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s might have looked up to the athletic prowess of spinach-munching Popeye or proton pill-popping Roger Ramjet, but LazyTown’s Sportacus took cartoon superhero nutrition to a whole new level with a colourful banquet of health-enhancing fruits and vegetables called “sports candy”.

Quickly gaining popularity with kids and their families alike, LazyTown took off in the noughties after being picked up by US children’s network Nickelodeon. It has since been broadcast in over 170 countries.

Several accolades followed, including a BAFTA Award and calls for Scheving to work on healthy lifestyle campaigns for none other than Michelle Obama, former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, the European Commission and United Nations.

Magnús Scheving will help kick off an active Day 2 of the MOVE Congress with a keynote presentation that will leave you buzzing with energy – and will no doubt get you off your seat. Scheving will set the tone for our physical activity and kids track, Discovering new perspectives on physical activity promotion among school children, led by MOVE Congress organising partner the Hungarian School Sport Federation.

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