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Masterclass in the FUNdamentals of a healthy childhood

MOVE Congress Masterclass
Friday 17 November, 9:45 to 11:15
Room: Salamanca + Avila (1st floor)

Master: Helen Vost, Youth Sport Trust International
Panellists: Laura Lorenzo, Gasol Foundation; Patty Scholten, JOGG; Gregor Starc, University of Ljubljana; Bruno Helman, International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

80% of adolescents worldwide do not meet WHO’s recommendations to be physically active for one hour per day, and the situation is getting worse – having a tremendous impact on their lives.

In this masterclass we will explore together the underlying determinants of overweight and obesity and, in particular, explore ways to change the public perception of blame and responsibility. It is up to a diverse coalition to come together to be able champion children’s health.

We believe it is fair to say that physical activity and sport when being FUN can contribute to a magic lifestyle and help kids put on a super hero costume against NCDs. Will you join the MOVE for Fun movement?

At the end of this masterclass, participants will:
  • Have a better understanding of the triggers of NCDs
  • Be inspired to welcome children and youth with NCDs and obesity in particular into their programmes and activities
  • Know how to communicate positively and inclusively and fight stigma
Last, but not least, our panellists will join forces with the audience to co-create some outputs during a devoted sprint workshop, facilitated with help from ISCA’s MOVE For Fun(der) and project partner Novo Nordisk.

Create a better way forward with us! Register here and secure your seat in this interactive masterclass.

ISCA coordinators of this session: Carole Ponchon and Liina Sepp
This masterclass is supported by funding from an EU Operating Grant in the field of Health. Visit ISCA Health to find out more and discover our resources for physical activity and health promoters.
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