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MOVE Congress 2012

Held for the first time outside Europe, in São Paulo, Brazil, on 24-27 October 2012, the Congress was an initiative of ISCA, SESC National Department, SESC São Paulo, and aimed to bring together countries from all continents to analyse and discuss one of today’s major subjects: Cultural and Social Development of people and communities through Sport for All.

Keynote sessions, debate panels and parallel sessions presented and promoted the exchange of concepts and practices that contribute to the creation and development of public policies and actions in the various sectors of society. The outcomes illustrated the world Sport for All movement as a competent and reliable partner in promoting change and development of individuals and communities, especially in stimulating more active participation in sport and physical activity.

The main areas discussed were:

What are the fundamental pillars of Sport for All?

  • Togetherness, commitment, inclusion, participation, social engagement, cooperation and fun.
  • Increasing the practice of sport and physical activity as a tool to improve the quality of life, education, health and the exercise of citizenship, applying the principles of Sport for All.

The promotion of Sport for All in different social and political contexts: whose commitment, for whom and why?

  • Strategies adopted for the development of Sport for All in various countries around the world. Successful examples of campaigns and projects that point to the achievement of desired results.
  • Public policies, private initiatives, organisations, institutions and people engaged in the working effort for the Sport for All.

What are the benefits of successful Sport for All work?

  • The improvement of quality of life, wellbeing, education and citizenship, social change through sport.
  • Examples of projects committed with the values of Sport for All that promote the transformation of persons and communities in terms of education, citizenship and quality of life.
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