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MOVE Congress 2014 Open Market

By Jana Stehlikova

The Open Market took place outside the MOVE Congress venues in the so-called Matattoio, a former cattle shed, and offered several physical activities and poster presentations.

The participants could try playing some Dodgeball as well as some Tchoukball, Traditional Table Games, Balance Exercise, Stopping Movement Training, and “Propriocettive” Activities. As the weather was perfect for such activities, a lot of people participated during the morning coffee breaks, taking a little break and stretching the body.

They also had the opportunity to take a look at the posters displayed at the Open Market: EasySport Model from Helsinki, Pickup Soccer, Sport for All in in Israel Sharon Region, Let’s Train Together, Interetnika, Let’s Play from Malta, Weigh to Go, Community Games Moving Forward, Active Age, Doorstep Sport Club, Healthy Club and Ulster Sport Outreach.

Have a look at some of the photos from the MOVE Congress 2014 Open Market below and see the full picture gallery here

Aninia Schwanhäusser shows us some Stopping Movement Training (Denmark) Mojca Grojzdek at Propriocettive Corner Chiara Volonté explains the rules of Tchoukball

Tchoukball offense by Mirco

Traditional Table Games II -And that's the way we play it Bert Menten and Kris Hermans concentrating on their Balance Exercise

Paulina Kuffel just about to score a point at the Propriocettive Corner


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