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MOVE Congress 2014 videos

By Roxana Chiriac, ISCA

MOVE Congress 2014 might be over, but we worked on a solution to keep the memories and the lessons learned fresh. The following videos will serve as a constant reminder of what we set ourselves to do: MOVE 1 million more Europeans by 2020.

The opening video introduces Rome, the host city of the congress, and it builds up to the event created to encourage networking and the development of new innovative solutions for Open and Active Cities.

In the Vox Populi video, participants from all over the world were given the word to state their opinion on physical activity and the benefits that it brings out.

The closing video is a collection of good memories during the congress, collection that comprises the movement, good mood, intense speeches and fruitful workshops.

The music used in the congress videos is the NowWeMOVE anthem, recorded during the congress and performed by the participants. The organisers of such initiative were Sean Blair, from ProMeet, and Tom Currie and Howie Saunders from AudioFuel. You can listen and download the song here.