MOVE Congress 2014

Open City – Active City.

Open Cities – Active Cities, that is our dream. Unfortunately, the very strong global trend of urbanisation is creating many barriers for an active lifestyle, with only little room for recreational physical activity and sport. We need to change and develop our cities in such ways that physical activity is integrated in the daily life of the citizens and recreational sport is easily accessible. The question mayors should ask themselves is “How do we create a ‘political infrastructure’ for cross sector collaboration, aiming for more active cities?” This is not an easy task, but necessary to make the urban environment more liveable. MOVE Congress 2014 has showed that there is a growing interest from various sectors to find solutions – and that is very encouraging, but not enough. There is a need for a strong “political infrastructure”, a solid platform for cross sector collaboration to make an efficient and sustainable impact. Otherwise, the single cross sector initiatives will remain good, but small initiatives with very little impact. With strong “political infrastructure”, sectors like city planning, transportation, public health and recreational sport, can establish cross sector collaborations with a much higher impact and more sustainability. Mogens Kirkeby, ISCA PRESIDENT



The #MOVECongress 2014 was a success and below you will understand (or remember) why!





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