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Welcome to the MOVE Congress 2019 in Budapest!

Welcome to the MOVE Congress 2019 and thanks to all of our speakers, moderators, participants and Innovation Alley exhibitors for joining our 9th edition in Budapest.

We are 466 people representing organisations on 5 continents and in 58 different countries and I believe you are ALL LIVING the title of this Congress: “Change the Game – It’s your MOVE!”

Many have worked hard to make this MOVE Congress happen and they will, over the coming days, do what THEY can to create the framework for inspiration, motivation and network – ALL FOR YOU!
41 speakers and moderators from 19 countries, and 32 Innovation Alley exhibitors and 18 Innovation Alley presenters are here ready to show you their best practices and ideas for changing the game through grassroots sport and physical activity.

Over the following two days, hundreds of ideas will be walking around you. Global experience within the broad spectrum of MOVING PEOPLE will be right next to you.

Connect and share – that is the most valuable currency here at the MOVE Congress in Budapest.

And a big thank you to our Hungarian partners for the great collaboration in making this event one of our biggest MOVE Congresses yet!”

Mogens Kirkeby, President of the International Sport and Culture Association

Budapest: host city of Move Congress and Capital of Sport in 2019
“As the representative of the host organisation, I would like to welcome you all to Budapest, and more precisely to the MOVE Congress. I’m personally proud to host the MOVE Congress, one of the leading international events aimed at promoting grassroots sport and physical activity. In 2019, Budapest became the European Capital of Sport, therefore much attention has been paid to sports events throughout the year.
The municipality, together with the ministry of sport and numerous sports federations, NGOs, and universities have done so much to organise a wonderful range of events. The same partners have helped us with organising this Congress and this is the time when I have to thank them for this assistance.

I believe that this year’s MOVE Congress will stand out from other conferences: you will experience that this event is not just a marketplace for best practices and scientific findings, but also a celebration of physical activity with lots of active time, fun, and even gags. Because physical activity is not only about being active and healthy, but also about having fun.

Meaningful and interesting experiences are guaranteed by the programme and the presenters, and I hope that our beautiful and exciting capital will be the icing on the cake.”

Gábor Balogh, President of the Hungarian National School, University and Leisure Sport Federation

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