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Join us to unveil a new Platform for Active Ageing

Prior to the opening of the MOVE Congress 2014, on 22 October, ISCA will unveil a new European Platform for Active Ageing in Sport (EPAAS). The meeting is open to anyone with an interest in physical activity initiatives for elderly people.

The meeting will take place at 3pm at Faculty of Architecture at the “Roma 3” University of Rome. As part of the launch of EPAAS, the participants will invited to join in a discussion about the objectives of the network, the actions it will take, the organisations that could be involved in it and the rules for its implementation. At the conclusion of the meeting, the participants will decide on a preliminary working plan for the network and establish the next steps in the process.

The EPAAS meeting is one of two sessions that will be dedicated to active ageing at the MOVE Congress 2014. The other session, a workshop held on Friday 24 October, is titled ‘Active ageing: Practical tools to create and implement initiatives for seniors. What needs to happen to inspire and enable older citizens to become more active?’ This workshop will focus on physical activity promotion for elderly people in community settings.

Find out which speakers will present at the active ageing workshop, and please contact the MOVE Congress Secretariat (contact@movecongress.com) if you would like more details on the EPAAS meeting.

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