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Promoting the MOVE Congress on social media

As a speaker at the MOVE Congress 2014 you will play a pivotal role in engaging stakeholders who are interested in the topic you are speaking about. As something new we will engage the audience through social media in general and Twitter specifically. As a speaker, you can promote the possibility to interact during your session by tweeting to your followers before the Congress on how they can ask questions live.

The team behind the Congress has made an official hashtag for people to use before and during each session to ask questions about your specific presentation. Using #AskMC14 and the speakers name will let anyone in the room or those watching the live streams ask questions directly to the speaker. Below are two examples of how it could be done:


After each presentation there will be a traditional Q&A where people in the room can ask their questions. The new feature is that people can ask questions on Twitter both beforehand and during your session.  A moderator will choose between incoming questions as well as questions from the room.

Below you will find some examples that you can just copy/paste and change to the subject you will address and post on your Twitter profile this week or the next.

Ask me about ‘Bottom-up approaches to international physical activity campaigns’ on #AskMC14 now or during my session at #MOVECongress 2014

If you have questions about my presentation on Erasmus+ Fundraising at #MOVECongress you can ask me on #AskMC14 now or during the session


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