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Presenters from 5 continents rethink physical activity

Tchoukball, Stopping Movement Training, Pickup Soccer and EasySport are defying traditional sport and revolutionising the idea of physical activity. But what are they? Find out – and try them for yourself – at the MOVE Congress 2014 Open Market Fair. Our Open Market presenters will travel to Rome from as far and wide as Finland, USA, Brazil, Israel and Australia.

We have selected 6 poster presentations and 4 physical activity demonstrations to be part of the Open Market Fair, and they will be joined by 3 organisations from the MOVE Transfer national, 3 from MOVE Quality and 7 from MOVE Transfer international. MOVE Transfer national and international and MOVE Quality are new ISCA programmes helping organisations transfer their initiatives to new locations, adopt successful initiatives from other organisations and improve their existing initiatives.

Find out more about MOVE Transfer and MOVE Quality here



Here is a taste of the physical activity initiatives that will be showcased at the MOVE Congress 2014 Open Market Fair:


Interactive physical activity demonstrations:

Presentation of “3, 2, 1..Dodgeball!” Dodgeball Italia, Italy

Pickup Soccer Fantasy Football Dribbling Contest Pickup Soccer Inc, Italy/USA

Stopping Movement Training Studio for Body Learning, Denmark

Tchoukball Fédération International de Tchoukball/European Tchoukball Federation


Poster presentations:

EasySport City of Helsinki, Finland

Pickup Soccer Youth Pickup Soccer Inc, Italy/USA

Thematic Group Classes at Multifunctional Gymnastics Sesc Campinas, Brazil

Physical Activity and Inclusion Programs Football United, Australia

Sport for all in the Sharon Region Israel


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