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Show the way forward in bike and pedestrian safety

We have the Human Right to MOVE. But what if our urban environments don’t allow us to move as freely as we would like? If you don’t live in one of Europe’s top 6 cycling cities, getting around on two wheels with or without a helmet might seem like a death-defying exercise.

But what if cities invested more in safe cycle paths and awareness campaigns for motorists? Cycling infrastructure such as Copenhagen’s Bicycle Snake (Cykelslangen), which created both an architect’s delight and a practical overpass for cyclists commuting over the harbour to the south of the city, could be replicated in any city that really wants to get more cars off the road. Ciclovía in Colombia has already inspired other cities around the world by blocking off major roads each week and opening them for cyclists only.


Bicycle and pedestrian safety is also a big issue for school children’s daily movement from home to school – and ultimately has an impact on their right to move. Another Danish initiative, the back-to-school campaign “Børn på vej” (Children on the road/on their way), is visual reminder that even the most cycling friendly cities are still working on creating safer environments for their youngest citizens.

Can MOVE Congress delegates show the way forward as well? Kevin Mayne, from the European Cyclists’ Federation, already is with his organisation, and he will share some of his active transport advocacy secrets in the workshop MOVEment Spaces – Reframing Urban Spaces for Physical Activity.

Then on Day 3 of the conference, it will be time to learn from the Bike Safe – Walk Safe initiative in Miami, and from the Beat the Street initiative in the UK in the Active School Communities track.

Active transport and active cities are at our fingertips, if we bring success stories back home with the tools to transfer them to our own contexts.

What better place to start than the MOVE Congress 2017 in Birmingham?

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