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Introducing the MOVE Congress 2017 app!

ISCA is happy to announce that for this MOVE Congress we are launching an event-based app that will be your pocket guide throughout the conference.

Featuring all the relevant information, from the programme (“agenda”) and speakers to the participants’ list, the app will allow you to experience the MOVE Congress in a completely new way. This also means that you will not be exhausted with one-too-many handouts that are most likely to be forgotten in one of the meeting rooms. Let’s be honest, the chance of forgetting your phone is far less likely.

With the Whova app we will gather most of the features of the Congress: live-polling, feedback, logistical details, live notifications, access to photos and presentations and much more. Participants can connect with each other through the app, so the chance of losing an important connection just because you ran out of business cards will no longer be a worry.

You can download the app already today to stay up-to-date as the Congress approaches.

The MOVE Congress 2017 Whova app is available both in the AppStore and via GooglePlay. You can also download it here.

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