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Welcome letter from the ISCA President

Mogens Kirkeby

I welcome you to the MOVE Congress 2014, which takes place from 22 to 25 October in Rome. This is the annual occasion to meet people from across the world who are engaged in helping citizens of all ages enjoy the benefits of a physically active lifestyle.

The MOVE Congress 2014 themes will explore our challenges and uncover some solutions. Urban planning is a priority that we need to focus on to reach our common objective: to promote a healthy active lifestyle. And for sure we aware that this challenge is far too big for one single sector – it demands effective partnerships and cross-sector cooperation.

Too many citizens across the world do not enjoy the benefits of a physically active lifestyle. Too many are inactive or are insufficiently active. The result is that societies are not benefiting from physical activity. On the contrary – citizens and societies are paying the price with health problems, reduced life quality and shorter life expectancy.

We can clearly identify the challenges around us, but we also need to present best practice experiences and solutions from a variety of stakeholders, including municipalities, urban planners, companies, grassroots sport organisations, education institutions, networks and academics. We believe that partnerships between these stakeholders are the key to addressing our challenges.

The MOVE Congress 2014 is an open space for sharing ideas, challenges and solutions. It is the space for establishing international partnerships and developing existing collaborations. The MOVE Congress is the place to take international inspiration and use it to improve national initiatives.

We are looking forward to hearing about your challenges and ideas for solutions in our efforts resulting in MOVING People.

Welcome to the MOVE Congress 2014 – Welcome to Rome!

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