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Welcome letter from the UISP National President


We are very happy to be the host of the next MOVE Congress in Rome from 22-25 October 2014.

We look forward to welcoming you to the eternal city and wish you a pleasant stay.

And especially, we think that our city will be an ideal location for us to discuss how traditional cities can become more open and active, as it is a setting that exemplifies how classicism and modernity can go hand-in-hand.

Sport and physical activity has become a formidable engine to enhance health and social life, and a tool for creating economic opportunities and new jobs. We recognise this and share the mission of ISCA to promote the benefits of being physically active.

For this reason it is important to strengthen our network of international collaboration and work together to bring issues related to sport and physical activity onto the political agenda in Europe and on other continents. We have to develop and extend the potential of sport and physical activity in facilitating social integration and improving the daily wellbeing of citizens. Our organisations should exchange best practices and experiences that, though born in different countries, can be exported and appropriated within our network.

Sport and physical activity is a language that everybody understands and that knows no boundaries.

By encouraging national and local institutions to invest in infrastructure and create more opportunities for sport and physical activity, we can also contribute to the redevelopment and livability of cities.

Because creating open and active cities for everyone is a sustainable investment in our citizens’ future!

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