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Welcome MOVE Congress 2014

Open city – Active city

This year one of Europe’s oldest, most populated and most visited cities will provide a fitting backdrop for the MOVE Congress 2014 and its theme Open city – Active city. From 22 to 25 October 2014 the Italian capital Rome will host speakers and delegates from around the world representing a variety of sectors that share a common aim: to encourage their communities to become more physically active.

City centres are also communities – large communities – and are often the places where sedentary work has become the norm. Many cities know that they have to take innovative approaches to get their citizens moving again and enhance the health and wellbeing of their citizens. The ones that do are striving to present themselves as active cities.

But to become an active city it is not just important to be an open city – it is essential! Open cities give everyone the opportunity to fit physical activity into their everyday lives. From the young to the elderly, from the able-bodied to the disabled, from the more privileged citizens to the less privileged; everyone can benefit from more walking paths, bicycle lanes, green spaces and better access to facilities.

And everyone can be part of the discussion, debate and exchange of ideas about how cities (both big and small) can become more open and active. The MOVE Congress 2014 invites you to join in this vibrant international forum and explore the following themes:
• Urban planning – Cities without barriers
• Healthy lifestyles, active cities and active schools
• Partnership and cross-sector cooperation

The MOVE Congress 2014 will gather 300 stakeholders in sport and physical activity, including NGOs, local sports clubs, the sport and fitness industry, the health sector, government bodies and municipalities, corporate sector representatives, communications advisors, schools and higher education. To set the strategic discussions and cross-sector networking into motion, the Congress will be divided into plenary sessions, parallel sessions, workshops and interactive sessions with physical activities (outdoor and indoor).

Urban planning experts, city government representatives and companies who have developed solutions to tackling current urban challenges and transforming cities into smart, sustainable and more liveable places are waiting for you in Rome from 22 to 25 October 2014.

We expect your participation and count on your contribution! Join us! Click here to register!

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