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What did the MOVE Congress 2015 partners say about this year’s event?

Volunteers - flashmob

ISCA’s MOVE Congress 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark, was an innovative showcase of grassroots sport and physical activity initiatives from around the world at Copenhagen’s popular street sport venue, GAME. The event would have been possible without the support from local partners DGI, Sport Event Denmark and Lokale og Anlægsfonden (LOA). So how did they see the Congress from their perspective?

Søren Møller DGI President, Denmark: “It was a pleasure to host the MOVE Congress 2015 in Copenhagen. The MOVE Congress gave inspiration to all delegates and the organisations where we serve.

DGI has 150 years of tradition of mobilising and developing voluntary based associations with a strong priority of the recreational sport and physical activity. We know that inspiration and innovation are important in order to be able to deliver quality products to our citizens, clubs and societies in the future.

Inspiration and innovation within the field of recreational sport and physical activity is not something we can buy in a shop around the corner. It takes interaction with engaged and creative people and the MOVE Congress did deliver exactly that.

In a partnership with between the Danish Sports Confederation and DGI we have launched a common national Vision in Denmark. The vision is called “Move for Life” and it has the very concrete goal that in ten years –  75% of all Danish citizens should be regularly physical active and 50% of the Danes should be active members of a sport club.

This is a very ambitious vision and in practical terms it means that we have to move more than one in ten of the Danes from an inactive lifestyle to an active life style.

We will need all possible inspiration from you to achieve these ambitious goals.

Let us keep moving or Move for Life as we say in Denmark.”

Sport Event Denmark: “Hosting winners” – that is our Tag Line in Sport Event Denmark. Through our partnership with ISCA for the MOVE Congress 2015, we have demonstrated that we do Host Winners in the field of recreational sport just as much as in elite sport: MOVE Congress 2015 was a great experience highlighting some key Danish competencies in event hosting – and learning from other examples from all over the world. We look forward to exploring and promoting events as a driver for participation also in the years to come.”

Esben Danielsen, CEO of at Lokale og Anlægsfonden, Denmark: “Partnering with ISCA for the MOVE Congress 2015 has been an exciting journey! We hope to have contributed to the Danish and international conversation on promoting physical activity, and have been glad to highlight the role of facilities and the built environment in that regard. For the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sport Facilities, the journey is in fact only beginning, as we look forward to exploring how we can further develop our own thinking and concepts by learning and engaging in the international sphere – together with ISCA and other trusted partners.”

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