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Rebuilding mental health through physical activity

MOVE Congress Masterclass

Friday 19 November 2021
Part 1: 9:30-11:00
Part 2: 11:30-13:30
Room: Dining Room
Masters: Viv Holt and Kevin Barton, Youth Sport Trust International
Speakers: Guin Batten, Olympic Silver Medallist in Rowing and first woman to row solo across the English Channel, UK; Piet Van der Sypt, Expert in Community Sport, Netwerk Lokaal Sportbeleid, Belgium, Sarah Storme, JES Brussels Urban Leaders, and Khaoula Chichi and Yasmina Ben Ziane, J@M Mechelen/Youth Health Champions, Belgium

What did we learn from the pandemic – and from past experience – about the link between physical activity and mental wellbeing? And how can we Restart using the important lessons we have learned? Join the MOVE Congress Masterclass ‘Rebuilding mental health through physical activity’ to learn practical strategies and solutions that you can put into practice to boost your own wellbeing as well as those in your surroundings through your work.

The masterclass will be led by Viv Holt and Kevin Barton from Youth Sport Trust International with an inspirational keynote on mental toughness and resilience from Guin Batten, who won a silver medal in the quadruple scull at the Sydney Olympic Games and was the first woman to row solo across the English Channel and beat the previous record time set.

We’ll also explore the impact of volunteering on the mental wellbeing of refugee populations in Berlin, across Europe through the Nike NCA programme and working with refugees in Lebanon, presenting Youth Sport Trust International’s ISCA Award-nominated initiative in Integration of Refugees Through Sport. Local youth leaders Sarah Storme, Khaoula Chichi and Yasmina Ben Ziane will also share their experiences in working with young people’s mental wellbeing as “youth health champions” in Belgium and abroad.

Get ready for a session that will not only get all participants moving, but stimulate their intellectual curiosity and encourage a high degree of social interaction. Integrated into the workshop will be icebreakers and energisers that demonstrate clear links between physical activity and improved cognitive function and development for both young and older people.

Join this physically active, experiential masterclass where we will:

  • Demonstrate the link between physical activity and mental wellbeing using scientific evidence and research findings
  • Share ideas for practical activities that can be used to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour in the classroom, the community, the workplace and the home
  • Create an individual action plan for implementing a policy of increased physical activity in individual delegates’ settings

We want to know the issues and priorities in your country and sector, so come ready to share some examples!

We will help all participants put together an extensive menu of strategies and solutions, concrete actions and commitments to carry out in their individual settings – as well as establishing networks across nations and to provide mutual support moving forward.

Register for the MOVE Congress to take part! Day passes are now available!

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