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Mastering partnerships after Covid-19

MOVE Congress Masterclass

Friday 19 November 2021
Part 1: 9:30-11:00 (interactive panel)
Part 2: 11:30-13:30 (grand coalition building)
Room: Ticket Window Hall
Masters: Helen Vost, Youth Sport Trust International and Caroline Jessop, Clear Meetings
Speakers: Megumi Aoyama, UNHCR, and Paul Hunt, sportanddev.org; Niels Lund, Novo Nordisk, and Mette Holm Rod, DGI National Performance Team; Elena Yanez Marin, Laureus Sport for Good and David Given-Sjölander, Swedish Postcode Foundation

How do major international organisations and NGOs come to work together? Why do foundations support NGO-led initiatives and what are the secrets to a successful cross-sector partnership? This MOVE Congress masterclass will help you master partnerships during and after the pandemic by sharing inspiration from high profile partner pairs and practical “coalition-building” exercises.

We will inspire you with examples of interesting partnerships from different sectors, including the UNHCR and the International Platform for Sport and Development (sportanddev), Novo Nordisk and DGI, and Laureus Sport for Good and the Swedish Postcode Foundation share insights and discuss challenges of such partnerships in practice.

The first part of the masterclass will be an interactive panel where participants can engage directly with the partner pairs. The second part will explore future partnerships and coalitions that participant’s organisations may join, or that may inspire their own future partnerships.

Join us in this masterclass to master:

  • How to approach organisations of different sizes and profiles for partnership
  • Establishing the aims of your partnership and how to reach them
  • The unique features of a partnership and the role of each organisation
  • How to overcome the most common challenges in collaboration
  • The idea of “grand coalition” building and how to make the first MOVE

Who will your “grand coalition” include in 2022 and beyond?

Register for the MOVE Congress to take part! Day passes now available.

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